About Us

We welcome you with open arms.

Recognizing a serious void in our Christian communities related to sexuality and sexual intimacy, we’ve teamed up to bring you the most comprehensive information and directory of Christian Sex Therapists available in the world. We want to extend to you a website dedicated exclusively to Christian Sex Therapy in the hopes that we can become a resounding voice and a refreshing spring of hope in an otherwise desert like wasteland of information and unhealthy avoidance related to Christians and sexuality.

Sex has long been a taboo subject among Christians, especially in the church. Many people grow up in homes influenced by negative and often harmful messages about sexuality. It’s actually quite sad because sex was designed by God and it should be Christians that are teaching, educating and encouraging healthy sexuality. Unfortunately the opposite has happened. There are harmful messages about sexuality among Christians today sending the message that sex is dirty, shameful, secretive and even in some cases sinful.

There is much shame and guilt surrounding sexual issues among Christians and many people suffer in silence having nowhere to turn and no one to talk to. This has created a serious void in Christianity regarding sexuality. Christians who are struggling sexually and hungry for answers and healing have few places to turn.

It is our goal to fill that void and create a network of Christian Sex Therapists. It’s been said that there is strength in numbers. We dream of the day when our “numbers” will be stronger then the forces of that taboo and then we can reach the world for Christ through the medium of healthy sexuality.