Christian Sex Therapist Alpharetta, GA

Sex has long been a taboo topic among the Christian culture, until recently. Over the last decade there has been a major shift in the paradigm of sexuality. Seeing a desperate need, a few Christians broke with tradition and took a leap of faith to promote healthy sexuality from a Biblical perspective. Becoming experts on Christian sexuality, they have taken it on as their mission to train professionals to minister to a hurting and confused Christian culture. The idea and goal is to break the stereotypes and long held beliefs of what healthy sexuality looks like.

Christian Sex Therapist Alpharetta, GA

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This has grown into a movement, a new frontier of human sexuality from a Christian point of view. This movement has spawned tasteful information about what it means to be a Christian and a sexual being at the same time. These pioneers of Christian sexual wisdom integrated their faith and counseling skills to formulate the world’s first Christian sex therapy counseling techniques and theories. Sexual Wholness was born out of a dire need to educate people regarding healthy sexuality from a Christian perspective.

The impact has been huge. Christian sex therapy has become a sub-industry in the counseling and psychotherapy field and many quality professionals are now trained to provide sex therapy to individuals and couples from a distinctly Christian perspective. Alpharetta, GA has a Christian sex therapist in a few different locations.

Christian sex therapists can now be found in many different parts of the country and around the world. Finding a quality Christian sex therapist isn’t easy though. That’s why this site exists. We exist to connect people with therapists and counselors who provide sex therapy from a Christian perspective. Christian sex therapy as a whole is growing and people are researching the topic more and more each day. This page has information about Christian sex therapist Alpharetta, GA – See below for contact information.

Christian Sex Therapy Alpharetta, GA

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At we strive to provide the most up-to-date information about Christian sex therapists around the world and present a website that’s easy to navigate and easy to find someone who might be able to help you with your sexual challenges using Christian principles and Biblical knowledge. We also want to provide our audience with useful information for making practical changes to sexual behaviors, enlighten the world as an extension of those pioneers and provide a gateway for resources on the topic.